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November 12, 2015

St. Matthew Cathedral School


Dear Parents,

After a six-month delay, the Indiana Department of Education has released the ISTEP results from last spring’s ISTEP Test. It is being reported that scores from across the state are lower than previous years for various testing issues. I have looked over our scores and while we had high scores, we did have some that were lower than last year. The Indiana Department of Education has had many discussions with lawmakers about this issue and they will be adjusting scores to compensate for the issues that the test had in its delivery and content. If you are not familiar with the issues that the Spring ISTEP test had, I would encourage you to do a Google search for “Indiana ISTEP test issues or problems”.

Here is an important part for you the parent; you were mailed a document last week that had information on how to log on to the “Indiana Parent Network” so you can view your child’s ISTEP Scores AND request a rescore on part of the ISTEP test that your child took last spring. I would encourage you to log on to see your scores and consider requesting a re-score to the open-ended questions. YOU ONLY HAVE UNTIL THIS FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 13TH, TO REQUEST A RESCORE!

Only the parents may request a rescore for the ISTEP+ test, and I would highly recommend that if your child DID NOT PASS or close to the PASS+ score, that you request a rescore. This choice to ask for a rescore is solely up to you. The only way to request a rescore is to log on to the Indiana Parent Network (indiana.ctb.com/prism/landing.do?theme=inors ) and follow the instructions listed. You only have until this Friday to request a rescore.


Log on to Indiana Parent Network

1. On the right side, click on the gold box to enter your invitation code contained in last week’s letter.

2. After completing your log in information, on the right side click the down arrow that is labeled “Your Child” and click on your child’s name.

3. Click on the tab “Open Ended Items Rescore Request Form” (It has a red box with the word “NEW” next to it)
4. Click on all boxes below the test that are BLUE and that will change them to Red.
5. You cannot click on any gray boxes, as that indicates that your child did not miss any in that section.
6. IT IS IMPORTANT that you change all boxes to RED by clicking them once.
7. You do not have to do anything else (no “Save” or “Submit” buttons). It will save automatically.
While we see the ISTEP test as a tool to assess students’ academic knowledge, we also see it as only one part of a complex process of evaluating and assessing student academic progress. We also give the NWEA Map test, a highly regarded national test that gives us a much more detailed set of data to help students increase their academics. But most importantly we utilize daily assessments in […]

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