2B Sites:                                                                                                                                                                       


Practice Reading – Treasures –-Get extra practice with reading skills here!

Did you forget your Math Practice workbook? No worries, here is a link to the PW online.
Math Practice Workbook  –  Click on the red row labeled with 2 go under the “practice section.” Click on the lesson you need. This is also a wonderful resource to use for extra practice under reteach, challenge, and problem solving. (**Parents the answers are posted on each page.)

Here is a link to games that go along with our textbook.
Math Games  –  Scroll to the chapter we are in and play a variety of games for extra practice and some great fun!

Math Games:

Basketball Math Facts —Practice your math facts (addition and subtraction) while shooting hoops!

Language Arts Games:

Let’s Write – Write a story here!                                                                                                                                    

Writing Fun! – Write silly MadLibs HERE

Keyboarding and Typing Practice– practice typing the home keys and each of these sites                     

Home Key Practice         Typing Fun         Home Key Kenny