Each chapter of the U.S. History textbook has a handout associated with it that is distributed along with a chapter study guide weeks before any test is given. The chapter handout is collected and graded at the end of a unit of instruction. Students are expected to take detailed, comprehensive notes on each textbook chapter section and then answer section review questions in their notebooks when assigned. The chapter packet has a separate activity for each chapter section which is to be completed after notes and section reviews are finished. The chapter activities are due when all of the chapter sections have been completed. The study guide distributed along with the chapter handout is due the day before a scheduled test. The students may work on their study guides at any time. I suggest that they type them. Class notes are to be reviewed nightly in preparation for quizzes and tests.

US History Book Report:

Each of the eighth grade students is required to write a BOOK REPORT on one work of U.S. History. The format has already been provided to each eighth grade student during the first week of school. The U.S. History book report is due April 22. 2015.

U.S. History rules and book report: US History book report and rules for 2014-2015

U.S. History book report non -fiction rubric: Non-Fiction Book Report WP Rubric

U.S. History book report fiction rubric: Book Report WP Rubric

DAR essay contest rules and research link: http://cumberland.lib.nc.libguides.com/content.php?pid=465682&sid=3813046


Reading Counts Rules:
Reading Counts Rules:  Reading Counts Rules

Outsiders Research Project due date (week before Christmas vacation):

Outsiders Research Project: Outsiders research project 2014-2015

Outsiders Research Presentation Rubric : Outsiders presentation rubric


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