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Athletic Policy

Athletic Eligibility
Participation Fees


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ICCL Athlete Contract
ICCL Coach’s Code of Ethics
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Athletic Eligibility

To participate in the St. Matthew Athletic programs, a participant must be a student of St. Matthew Cathedral School.

A student must meet Athletic policy procedures.

All participants will be required to pay for any lost or mistreated equipment.

Students absent from school on the day of the scheduled sports event or practice may not participate in the event or practice. A student absent on Friday may participate in an event on Saturday or Sunday.

A student may not participate in more than one sport at a time in the same season.

Once rostered, a student may not quit one sport to join another which is running concurrently. A student is considered rostered if he or she attends the first two scheduled practices. The student who elects not to participate must inform the sports’ coach prior to the third scheduled practice.

Newly registered students moving into the area may be eligible for participation.

Once a season has started, no coach will be allowed to drop a player for unjust cause. He does have the authority to drop a player for disciplinary reasons with the Athletic Director’s and Principal’s approval.

Participation Fees

Concession stand fee (per family) – $35.00

Fees are to be paid before the first scheduled game. No student will be denied the opportunity to play a sport. If the fee canot be paid, please call Sister Gianna Marie at 574-289-4535.