The development of the Catholic faith is central and fostered through daily prayer, religious instruction, sacramental preparation, regular Mass attendance, and participation in liturgical services.

Catholic Values in Action

Students are encouraged to support various service organizations, such as The Christ Child Society, St. Vincent DePaul Society (Young Vincentians), Catholic Charities, Catholic Relief Services, and other local needs of our own community. This allows our students to put their Catholic values into action.

Young Vincentians

The St. Matthew Cathedral School Young Vincentians share the same mission as the St. Vincent de Paul Society to serve the poor and needy in our community. The Young Vincentians do this by participating in the St. Vincent de Paul blanket drive, Eric’s Promise, and the community Walk for the Homeless. They work closely with the parish Vincentians to keep the food pantry well-stocked and clean. They make small gifts for our parish homebound and accompany food deliveries throughout the year. The goal of the Young Vincentians is to instill the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul in young people and to help them to see the face of Christ in those they serve. This program teaches our students stewardship at a young age. If you have any questions, please call Theresa Lolmaugh, moderator, at 289-4535.

We encourage school wide participation by asking each classroom to donate specific food items to keep the pantry fully stocked. Please try to avoid items that are past their expiration date, open, or severely damaged as we cannot give those out. We welcome and are grateful for ALL donations.

K– rice and beans

1- instant potatoes

2 – snacks

3 – pasta and sauce

– breakfast foods

– fruit and fruit juices

6 – vegetables

7 – peanut butter and jelly

8 – soups

We encourage students to support this program with the help of their families. Shopping together helps your children see charity in action.