Reverend Theodore Hammes became pastor of St. Matthew Church on June 28,1922. Father Hammes called for volunteers to build the church. Twenty-two men responded and on August 13, 1922 the church was dedicated and the first Mass was celebrated.

On September 16, 1928, the parishioners of St.Matthew voted to build a school to be erected by September of 1929.  With the Bishop's permission, construction began on the present school building.  In August of 1929, six Sisters of St. Joseph from Tipton, Indiana, arrived to staff the school of five grades with an enrollment of 150 students. The school was dedicated by Archbishop John F. Noll on October 13, 1929.  An additional grade was added each year. In June of 1933, the first eighth grade class consisting of forty students graduated from St. Matthew School.

Father Hammes was pastor of St. Matthew Parish until 1933. On July 6, 1933, Father Arnold Wibbert was appointed pastor of St. Matthew Parish.

The second floor of the school was finished. Two Holy Cross brothers opened a high school which became known as Central Catholic High School to eighteen students on September 10, 1934. The high school remained until 1951. The second floor was needed to expand the grade school as 300 children were waiting to enroll. In 1955 the Auditorium was added to the school.

In May 26, 1959, Father Wibbert was appointed Monsignor. On May 28,1960 St. Matthew Church was raised. Church services were held in the Auditorium until the new church was completed. In 1960 Bishop Leo Pursley petitioned the Holy See to designate the Diocese of Fort Wayne as the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend and a Cathedral was to be established in South Bend.  Bishop Pursley selected the church of St. Matthew as the Cathedral and it was designated a Cathedral on May 28, 1960.  The beautiful new Cathedral was completed and dedicated on November 13, 1960.

On April 1, 1969 Monsignor Joseph R. Crowley succeeded Msgr. Wibbert as pastor.  On August 24, 1971, Msgr. Crowley was ordained Auxiliary Bishop of Fort Wayne-South Bend.  Soon after his ordination, Bishop Crowley was appointed Director of Religious Instruction for the diocese. Msgr. Stanley Manoski became pastor in 1972. Bishop Crowley returned to St. Matthew Cathedral and served as its pastor until his retirement in 1989. Reverend John Sheets was ordained Auxiliary Bishop and then Reverend John Jenky was ordained Auxiliary Bishop. When Bishop Jenky was appointed Bishop of the Diocese of Peoria, Father Michael Heintz became the rector of St. Matthew Cathedral. In 2009 Father Heintz became Monsignor Heintz.  In 2016 Msgr. Heintz moved to Emmitsberg to join the faculty at Mount St. Mary's Seminary, he was succeeded by the current pastor, Father Terry Fisher.

As St. Matthew Cathedral School continues to grow prosper, we thank the priest, sisters, laymen and laywomen who worked for this parish with generosity and dedication. May God bless them all, living and dead. May we continue to build on their wonderful foundation.